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Latest News

CQ is the new EQ of IQ: Ntataise in a time of Covid-19

In 1980 it was IQ; 2010 was EQ; in 2020 it’s CQ – change quotient; the ability to adapt to the new ever-changing environment.*

TThe Covid-19 pandemic has compelled us to change the way we think about how we move, work, connect, learn and play. With the closure of schools and ECD facilities in mid-March, Ntataise put a hold on our training, mentoring and development programmes.


Ntataise on Radio 2000

Ntataise Director Puleng Motsoeneng was invited by Radio 2000 to talk about the role of parents and caregivers of young children during this lockdown period. The interview formed part of the Radio 2000 Morning Show on 30th March 2020.


Accelerating the Ntataise Digital Strategy

Two years ago, Ntataise developed a Digital Literacy programme with the objective to improve the digital literacy levels of Ntataise and Ntataise Network staff including Directors, ECD trainers, mentors, administration staff and ECD practitioners. This programme is central to Ntataise’s Digital strategy which aims to develop the proficiency of ECD trainers, facilitators and practitioners in the use of digital platforms for their continuous learning and professional development.