Accredited training

Ntataise training programmes have been designed to meet the needs of practitioners who had a limited education, often a poor knowledge of early childhood development and in most cases are already working in community and home-based pre-school facilities. Training programmes provide in-service training with short periods of intensive lectures that are interspersed with on-site, hands-on support and mentoring. This strategy of ongoing, in-situ training in the practitioners' home language and supported with regular mentoring, has been pivotal to the success of the Ntataise training model. 

The Ntataise Accredited Training Programmes

  • Ntataise Free State offers a full ECD qualification at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The duration of the training is 18 months to complete a full level 4 certificate in ECD. The training programme consists of the ECD core unit standards, electives and fundamentals and includes courses, workshops, on-site support and assessment visits.

  • The Ntataise skills programmes were specifically developed for pre-school practitioners who do not qualify for level four training. These skills programmes are accredited and may be used towards achieving a full Level 4 qualification, while addressing critical and scarce skills within the ECD sector. The five one-week programmes focus on cognitive and physical development needs of young children.

“Ntataise training has changed my life in many ways. I have learned about children’s development and developmental needs. I can now observe children’s development and identify their needs. I can select and plan activities to meet children’s developmental needs; I can also create a learning environment with a provision of improvised toys from waste materials. I have learned to communicate with parents and other adults. I have also learned basic mathematical concepts and improved my communication skills through English communication literacy. I am encouraged to study further for my career in the future.”

Patricia Ponatshego of Morongwa – Thuto E.L.C


Latest News

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On 26th July 2018, Volkswagen Group South Africa handed over four Polo cars to Ntataise Network members and beneficiaries of the Centre for Early Childhood Development at Ntataise in Viljoenskroon, Free State. This forms part of VWSA’s corporate social investment initiative

'Teaching Early Reading' Online Course

78% of South African Grade 4 children cannot read for meaning in any language. Children need to develop early literacy skills at a young age so that they're prepared for Grade R. ECD Practitioners have an important role to play in encouraging and supporting young children to develop their reading skills.