Enriching learning in the playroom

Over the past twenty years significant strides in Early Childhood Development have been made with the establishment of community based ECD centres throughout the country. However in recent years it has become apparent that few ECD centres provide an optimum learning environment for pre-school children. Practitioners may have a qualification but often do not have the practical know-how, support or equipment to ensure good quality, consistent daily learning programmes.

The quality of these programmes is insufficient to provide the foundations needed for life-long learning and as a result, children are not adequately equipped for the demands of formal education.

The Ntataise Enrichment Programme

The Ntataise Enrichment Programme was introduced to address the need for good quality effective learning programmes for children attending ECD centres. This programme builds on the knowledge and skills gained by practitioners during their qualification training, and is aligned with the NELDS - national early learning and development standards - for children birth to 4 years.


  • To improve learning in the playroom for children in community and home-based ECD centres.

How this objective is achieved:

The programme works with pre-school practitioners who have completed and received a level 4 ECD qualification and assists them in implementing in practise what they have learnt in theory. 

  • Monthly workshops help practitioners to create a more stimulating learning environment in terms of materials and equipment including educational toys and a greater variety of books to stimulate early literacy and numeracy. 

  • Regular on-site demonstration visits show practitioners how to provide a wider variety of activities and demonstrates methods of interacting with children in ways that facilitate learning through appropriate questioning, supporting and extending children’s ideas.

The programme directly targets both pre-school practitioners and the pre-school aged children in their playrooms. It specifically empowers women working in community and home-based ECD centres with the skills and knowledge needed to run effective ECD programmes for children in their care and build the foundations for their life-long learning.


Latest News

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On 26th July 2018, Volkswagen Group South Africa handed over four Polo cars to Ntataise Network members and beneficiaries of the Centre for Early Childhood Development at Ntataise in Viljoenskroon, Free State. This forms part of VWSA’s corporate social investment initiative

'Teaching Early Reading' Online Course

78% of South African Grade 4 children cannot read for meaning in any language. Children need to develop early literacy skills at a young age so that they're prepared for Grade R. ECD Practitioners have an important role to play in encouraging and supporting young children to develop their reading skills.